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I've been thinking more about what I started to share in a previous post about how to stay present. Staying in the present moment is everything. I've spent so much of my life working towards a goal and trying to create results. While making goals and setting intentions for the future are important, so is enjoying the journey. In other words, focus on the process. Happiness and fulfillment are in the act of doing something. Sure it feels good to complete a task or even something as big as publishing a book, but the truth is one of my happiest times was when I was writing my book. I so enjoyed the process. Nerd alert! 

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I watched a recent video from Marie Forleo (love her!) that spoke to this very thing. I was so grateful she brought it up and gave some guidance. I'm excited to put into practice this awareness around enjoying the process without focusing on the end result. I will, of course, keep planning out the work I want to do and even the posts I produce for this blog, and with a new attitude- one where I focus on the joy I get in making the content. Anyone else want to try this with me? Maybe we can do a follow up post in a month or two to see how this little experiment of finding joy in the process is going.

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Photos by Cole Buckhart in Jackson, WY.